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We are the lifeblood of your


We are the lifeblood of your


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What we do.

We specialize in the contruction of high quality luxury homes on the Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa.

Who we are

OFFplan Consulting is a leading project management consultancy. We work on a wide variety of projects spanning the development and construction sectors.

Our aim is to work collaboratively and strategically with clients to ensure every project we undertake achieves the optimum outcome.

For us, that means several things. It means treating every project as if it were our own. It means developing a clear, integrated structure of deliverables and systems that track the project to ensure the end product is delivered to an exceptional standard. It involves thinking more broadly, beyond the boundaries of property development. And it’s about making clients feel supported, informed and confident along the way.

"A job well done is an opportunity to do another."

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We provide a wide range of services around construction. Speak to us and let's see where we can help and get you the best value we can.

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Leading project management


Optimum mission achievement


Exceptional ethics standards


high quality Workmanship


NHBRC Accredited

What our clients say

Thank you and your team. They have been incredible. Their work ethic, meeting a dead line and dedication is wonderful. Thank you so very much! The job is well done. They made a plan through load shedding and were very helpful! Wow. Highly recommended them.


Professional, cost effective, good service, on point!


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